How Long Does Lithium Golf Cart Battery Last?

How Long Does Lithium Golf Cart Battery Last?

The golf cart market is evolving with more and more people. For decades, flooded lead-acid batteries have been the most cost-effective means of powering electric golf carts. Nowadays, with the improvement of lithium battery performance and longevity, it is becoming more and more popular to be widely adapted for use in this large-scale golf cart market. Typically, lithium battery companies provide a 8-12 year warranty lifespan.

Golf cart with a Lithium Battery

As you hit the course for a relaxing round of golf, you may find yourself asking the question: How long does a lithium battery last in a golf cart? With the advances in technology, lithium golf cart batteries now offer a higher level of performance and longevity than ever before, that is, 8 to 12 years of peace of mind with proper maintenance.

Are you looking for the answer to how long a lithium battery can last in a golf cart? The answer is up to 12 years, depending on proper maintenance and usage. This convenient and reliable power source can provide you with a long-term solution to your golf cart needs – think of it as 12 years of power and beyond! Lithium batteries are reliable, durable, and efficient – exactly what you need on the golf course.

We must maintain many criteria for long-lasting use, such as maintaining battery fluid levels, using the proper charger, buying quality batteries, and more. Below we have discussed the factors that will ensure the Lithium Battery in a Golf Cart  to long-lasting:

  • Maintain battery fluid levels 
  • Use the proper charger
  • Regular maintenance 
  • Buy quality batteries
  • Keep the top of each golf cart battery dry, clean and tight
  • Charge for 8 to 10 hours with the proper golf cart battery charger
  • Fill all golf cart battery cells only after charging, and do not over fill
  • Use golf cart batteries often
  • Do not over charge your golf cart batteries
  • Do not discharge golf cart batteries beyond an 80% discharge
  • Do not charge frozen batteries
  • Check water levels regularly and fill when needed

In this  session we will discussion details the factors will ensure the golf cart batteries long lasting use.

Maintain lithium golf cart battery Fluid Levels

Maintain Battery Fluid Levels

Consistently check the fluid levels of your golf car battery. When the fluid is low, not only can it reduce the lifespan of your battery, but it can also be a safety hazard. Make sure to check on the fluid levels of your battery regularly.

Use the Proper Charger for Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Use the Proper Charger

Chargers are designed differently depending on the type of battery they’re designed to charge. Using the correct type of charger can be beneficial to your battery. Ensure you know what charger is compatible with your battery before using it to avoid an unnecessarily shortened lifespan.

Regular Maintenance of Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Regular Maintenance of Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Proper, regular maintenance is key to maintaining your golf cart battery and lithium golf cart batteries. Clean your battery now and then, using warm water and a small brush, to prevent dirt and corrosive materials from building up.

Buy Quality Batteries

Buy Quality Batteries

Using quality lithium batteries is a great step in prolonging the lifespan of your golf cart batteries. Investing in good batteries will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to fix or maintain your lithium batteries as often.

Few Long-Lasting Lithium Golf Cart Battery in the Market:

  • Dakota Lithium 36v 60ah Golf Cart Battery
  • Dakota Lithium 48v 96ah Golf Cart Battery
  • Dakota Lithium 48v 96ah Golf Cart Battery
  • Dakota Lithium 36v Golf Cart Battery Set
  • Dakota Lithium 48v Golf Cart Battery Set
  • Dl+ 12v 60ah Lifepo4 Golf Cart & 1000 Cca Automotive Starter Battery
  • Dl+ 12v 135ah Lifepo4 Golf Cart & 1000cca Automotive Battery

These suggested golf cart batteries are the most popular due to their long lifespan. These lithium batteries for golf carts provided 11 years while lasting 5x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. This battery requires no maintenance or watering, can be installed in any orientation and can charge 5X faster than lead acid. The best part is this single Dakota Lithium battery weighs 1/4 as much as a set of lead acid golf cart batteries, allowing you to cut 300 lbs or more of your cart.

Avoiding factors for golf cart batteries:

The act of driving a golf cart around is always fun. Whether you’re driving in the neighbourhood or on the course, maintaining your golf cart is essential. A solid 48-volt lithium golf cart battery will run your cart and serve you well for several years in the majority of cases. However, there are a few typical errors that individuals make while using their golf cart batteries that might drastically reduce their longevity. Pay attention to these pointers so you’ll know exactly what to do with your equipment and what to avoid.

  • Letting the battery fully drain
  • Overcharging the battery
  • Ignoring hazardous weather
  • Pushing the cart too hard
  • Neglecting regular maintenance
  • Running accessories too much

Letting the Battery Fully Drain

Never let your battery completely discharge before recharging it. The battery may sustain long-term damage and negatively impact the number of charge cycles and total lifetime if you push it to utilize as much energy as possible before connecting it back to a charger.

After using your golf cart for the day, remember to recharge the battery and avoid using it until it runs out of power. This minimizes the danger to your cart and keeps your charge cycles going typically.

Overcharging the Battery

While it’s crucial to avoid using the battery for excessive time or letting it run flat, it’s equally essential to prevent overcharging your battery. The most frequent error individuals make with golf cart batteries is overcharging, which negatively affects the battery’s longevity.

Many negligent cart owners leave the batteries on a charger when the cart is not in use. Having a fully charged battery at all times may seem like a good idea, but overcharging ultimately leads to shorter cycle times and less power.

Ignoring Hazardous Weather

Knowing how the outdoor temperature could affect your cart’s battery is wise. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, we advise storing your cart somewhere dry. While it may not immediately affect the storm, too much moisture might harm your cart and eventually lead to issues.

The good news is that temperature becomes less of an issue as battery technology advances, but you should still monitor it. For most lithium-ion battery packs, you’ll want to keep your cart and the battery between 32° to 95° Fahrenheit. You could see a somewhat quicker charge during the warmer summer months, and this pace decreases during the colder months. Colder temperatures might limit the life of your battery, while higher temperatures could reduce its entire capacity.

Your battery will function better if you keep it dry and within a safe temperature range. Depending on where you are, this could be a little harder, but it’s worth the effort to maintain your batteries and cart in good shape.

Pushing the Cart Too Hard

The difference between a vehicle and a golf cart should be noticeable. Overstretching it is one of the easiest ways to harm it permanently. It’s not a good idea to drive your cart for long distances since you risk overtaxing the battery. At worst, you may get trapped if you run out of power while traveling.

We suggest hiring a truck or trailer to deliver your golf cart to your destination rather than driving it dangerously far. Going through more challenging terrain or at fast speeds is dangerous since golf carts are not the greatest for climbing steep slopes. These things affect how long your cart lasts and how powerful it is.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

When it comes to taking care of your batteries, routine maintenance is a crucial step. Suppose you have a more recent golf cart with a lithium-ion battery. In that case, maintenance is less critical than for older lead-acid batteries, and some don’t even need to be maintained at all, like the golf cart kits from BigBattery. Nevertheless, it’s a wise idea to exercise caution.

Consider sending your battery to a qualified technician who can check it if you notice any inconsistencies, such as lower power or longer charging times. Lithium-ion batteries seldom need to be replaced before the end of their anticipated lifetime, but it may be costly if they do. By keeping an eye on things and caring for your cart’s battery regularly, you can extend its life and increase the time between new battery purchases.

There are restrictions on how much maintenance you can do without disassembling the whole battery since the case of lithium-ion batteries is often inaccessible. Opening a battery might even nullify the manufacturer’s guarantee in extreme circumstances. If this is the case, just as with BigBattery, you should get in touch with the manufacturer or distributor from whom you bought the battery to determine the best approach to examine it. One recommendation is to ensure all cables are securely fastened to the battery and other associated components. Your issue could have a simple fix since a single loose wire is sometimes sufficient to destabilize the whole battery.

Running Accessories too Much

You most likely have access to standard features when operating your golf carts, such as the radio, headlights, and air conditioning. Since each of these gadgets consumes energy from your golf cart’s battery, it is advised to use them only while your coach is stationary. If you’re operating a gas-powered cart, you may need to restart it to get it moving again. If you use the accessories on electrical carts excessively, you run the danger of over-discharging, which is bad for the battery over time.

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries have a long lifespan if they are correctly maintained. Any golf cart would benefit from these thin, strong batteries. Any golf cart aficionado wishing to upgrade their way of casual transportation with more power and durability comes highly recommended.


In conclusion, the lifetime of a lithium battery in a golf cart is determined by many factors, such as the type and quality of the battery, environmental factors, and the frequency of use. Feel free to reach out to us today with any questions, comments, or concerns by phone at 855-743-3279 during normal business hours, or send us an email anytime at


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