Are Lithium Batteries Safe? Dakota Lithium Safety Data Sheet

Are Lithium Batteries Safe?

Dakota Lithium batteries are 100% safe & reliable. Our signature chemistry, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), does not contain rare earth elements (like Cobalt) or heavy metals, is non-toxic, and unlike other lithium batteries will not explode or catch fire. A Dakota Lithium battery is protected from overheating by a battery management system (BMS) that also extends the lifespan and is contained in a rugged, waterproof case (although lots of water on the terminals is bad, so don’t submerse the battery).

For safe handling of lithium batteries please follow these guidelines:

  • Never throw out cells in a fire or expose to high temperatures.
  • Do not soak cells in water or seawater.
  • Do not expose to strong oxdizers.
  • Do not give a strong mechanical shock or fling.
  • Never disassemble, modify or deform.
  • Do not connect the positive terminal to the negative terminal with electrically conductive material.
  • In the case of charging, use only a LiFePO4 battery charger and charge according to the conditions specified by the user manual.

A complete safety data sheet for lithium iron phosphate batteries is available here.


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