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  • Solar Hot Water Heater Panel
Captures 2x the Energy of Solar Panels

Solar Hot Water Heater Panel

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Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
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Captures Twice the Energy of Solar Panels
A quarter the cost of solar panels
Easy to Install
Save $ On Your H2O Bill
Built in Seattle, WA


Easy DIY-ready Design

Standard 1/4" copper pipe through-flow in/out ports for simple connections. Engineered to easily integrate into DIY or standard plumbing systems, the copper manifold pipe is comprised of 10 continuous "u-pipe" bends, maximizing your hookup options while minimizing size, weight, and cost

10 Year Warranty

On Solar Tube Performance

Parts included

10 Solar Tube array only.

Makes Hot Water for Free

Heats 5 gallons of water from 68°F (room temp) to 122°F (above hot tub temp) in four hours if recirculated by our Solar Water Heater Pump.

Capacity & Energy Transfer Rate

Jumps temp of any input water circulating through by 37°F at flow rate of 5 gallons per hour (pump required).

Energy Per Hour

Heats water at a rate of 165 watts. 12v Solar Water Pump (one unit). Max water flow: 20liters/min. Rated voltage: 12 V DC, Rated Current: 2.8A

Size & Weight

Unit measures 23" wide, 22" tall, 3" thick, weighs 19 lbs.


1/2-inch CPVC thread adapters for universal connection options included (two units).

PSI Rating

Do not exceed 100 psi (Ok for most city supply pressure). Closed systems must have relief valve.


HIGHLY EFFICIENT SOLAR THERMAL COLLECTOR. Sunlight is extremely powerful. Steam & burn danger without proper handling. Remember to never connect to a closed system without pressure relief. Do not touch internal components while heated.

Suitable for:

  • Rooftop Solar Water Heater
  • Off Grid Hot Tubs
  • Off Grid Hot Water
  • Engineering Projects
  • DIY Solar
6 reviews for Solar Hot Water Heater Panel
Bruce K

Excellent and unique product. I installed it to heat my hotub at my summer cabin. OFF GRID!!! Shipping was fast. Great customer service with Mark in Tech support.


Company is fantastic to deal with and I look forward to reordering. Great warranty.


Not a magic solution..but neat. Filled tubes with DRY sand to increase efficiency. It will generate a good amount of hot water. Would be PERFECT for an off grid hunting cabin or a small pool heater. I drilled a hole the size of the 1/4″ copper tubing into the screw cap on the intex pump. The intex filter pump draws cold water from the pool hose outlet through heater back to the pump/filter and back to the pool. This will only add maybe 1/3 deg per day…but that is 10 deg in a month. I could see using 3+ of these or a larger system to heat a pool with sunlight.

Patti S.

Excellently simple and effective technology. I had never heard of these, but they’re a great simple fix to the solar energy capturing problem. Just some glass tubes and a protected black metal coating. These are going to be more efficient in cool climates than a simpler solar box with painted-black PVC inside… Anway, I just got my box of these. Going to order again. On the website it shows some DIY projects on how to hook these up easy-peasy. Filled one with water, and standing out in the sun (thin clouds partially obscuring the sun) – after 10 minutes the water is 20 degrees hotter than the adjacent stucco wall (upon which the sun is also shining) – so they do work very well even in partial sun. Basically, if the tubes cast a shadow, that’s enough sun to capture more warmth than anything else nearby does. Double efficiency if a simple aluminum foil reflector is used to illuminate the back of the tubes… Attached pix show tube and level of cloudiness during my test. Water after two hours is 134F but pavement beside water is 90F. Also, tube outside is cold to the touch.


Great tubes boils water 15 min if you build collector, BATCH WATER HEATER IDEA! I got these and took them out to see if they would work and they do, I had 20 oz of water roaring boil in under an hour. If you are in a smokeless camp this is huge especially if you want to avoid detection in a stealth camping mode. I came up with an idea that I have yet to try. What you do is take a tote then use a mylar blanket (Emergency blanket) you line the tote with the blanket then you add your water. If done right the water should heat rather rapidly this would be a batch water heater for something like 5 gallons. See first I tried to silidone the tube to the outside of a 5 gallon bucket that did not work so well just leaked no support for the tube and hardly transportable. Gave up I need to be able to transport. This idea I have now would allow you to pack your tubes in the safe case they came in and you can set the tubes in the water have the tube just do its thing and it should heat the water this way it might have stratification issues but I think in 2 hours 5 gallons should be so hot you might have to change to a metal pan. IDK I have not need for it right now so it is not much a priority to do this. If you were camping and water was a valuable commodity IE as expensive as fuel because you used fuel to go get it? Then you would want to make your water count and washing clothes hot water is the best. I would build a filter out of some PVC,ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (fish section $6 WMT) and some Sand.


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