Meet Kris Wackler – Ice & Boat Fishing Pro Staff

Kris Wackler – Team Dakota Lithium – Ice & Boat Fishing

Hometown: Minot, North Dakota

Hi my name is Kris Walcker and I’ve been fishing the NWT for four years now and last year I finished the year off with 32nd AOY and top finish last year was 30th in Saulte Ste Marie MI on a very tough bite .

Sport of choice in the winter? Summer?

I would say ice fishing and boat fishing in the summer

What circuits do you compete in?

National Walleye Tour

Wins, Accomplishments, and Big Moments

My highest finish was 13th on Lake Erie in my first NWT tournament ever – so that was a fun moment for me!

How did you start in your sport? (What’s your origin story?)

I started many years ago as a kid fishing with my dad and then him allowing me to take the boat out as I got older in high school and venturing from there to buying my first boat and all the way to where I am today, so I have my father to thank for that!

What is your favorite Dakota Lithium Product & WHY?

As of right now being new to the team I would say the 10ah Powerbox for all the features it has and many uses but I have a feeling I’m gonna fall in the love with the 100ah for my trolling motor performance !

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