Dakota Lithium 12v 23Ah Battery - Half the Weight & Twice the Power
11 Year Warranty
  • Dakota Lithium 12v 23Ah Battery
The perfect SLA 20Ah replacement battery

Dakota Lithium 12v 23Ah Battery

(57 reviews)
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  • 11 Year Warranty
$249 $229
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Dakota Lithium 12v 23Ah Battery

(57 customer reviews)

$249 $229

Half the weight and twice the power of traditional lead batteries, this workhorse powers premium electronics for full-day adventures. Same performance as our legendary 10 Ah battery, but with 130% more capacity.

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Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
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Twice the Power
of Traditional Batteries
Half the Weight
Charges 5 X Faster
Lasts 4X as long
Greatest Lifetime Value


11 Year Warranty

World beating, best in class, eleven year manufacturer defect warranty.


23 ampere hours. Dakota Lithium batteries provide consistent power for all 23 amp hours. DL LiFePO4 batteries have a flat voltage curve, which means they have a steady power output as the battery discharges. The power output will not dramatically drop like similar sized SLA batteries. You get all the juice down to the last drop.




295 Watts


M6 terminals (posts that screw in). When used in salt water environments we recommend applying a small amount of dielectric grease on the threads of each terminal. It helps extend the lifespan.


7.125 in (181mm) L x 3.03 in (77mm) W x 6.57 in (167mm) H


6.4 lbs (2.9Kg). That's 60% lighter than a SLA battery.

Lifecycles (battery lifespan)

Up to 80% capacity for 2,000 cycles in recommended conditions. The typical SLA has 400 cycles. Dakota Lithium batteries last so long that the price per use is a fraction of traditional batteries.

Operating temperature

Ideal for rugged & harsh environments. Much better than SLA or other lithium’s. -20'F min, +120'F max optimal operating temps (battery performs well down to -20'F). Avoid charging below 32'F.


24 A max continuous, 60 A max pulse (<3 sec). The flat discharge voltage curve provides a 75% bigger capacity then a SLA 23Ah battery. Please note: for trolling motors with 30lbs + of thrust we recommend combining two batteries in parallel to create a 48 amp continuous discharge rate and 46 Ah of capacity. This increases runtime and lifespan of the battery.


12 A max, 14 V max recommended, 15 V max. Please note: this battery should be charged using a LiFePO4 compatible charger. A SLA charger may work, but will reduce performance and lifespan of the battery.

Includes active BMS protection

Contains a circuit that handles cell balancing, low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection and high temperature protection for increased performance and longer life.

Charger Sold Separately

This battery should be charged using a LiFePO4 compatible charger. A SLA charger may work, but will reduce performance and lifespan of the battery.

Suitable for:

  • Fish Finders, Flashers, & Boating Electronics
  • Garmin Fish Finders
  • Ice Fishing
  • LiFePO4 Replacement for SLA 12v
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Solar Lighting
  • Robotics
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Remote Power
  • Outdoor Adventures

Experience the Dakota Lithium Difference

The DL 23Ah battery is built with Dakota Lithium's legendary LiFePO4 cells. 2,000+ recharge cycles (roughly 5 year lifespan at daily use) vs. 500 for lead acid or AGM. Optimal performance down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (for winter warriors). Plus twice the power of lead-acid batteries at half the weight.

57 reviews for Dakota Lithium 12v 23Ah Battery
Mark Pappas

Amazing product to power my Garmin Livescope!

Joseph Mulqueen

Runs my Hummingbird Helix 7 Mega SI DI GPS unit all day long. Very happy I moved to lithium and went with Dakota Lithium.


fair price if it last as long as you say


Got my battery with quick shipping, great so far as I have been on 2 trips already with it. I use it for my Garmin 93SVUHD and Livescope set up plenty of power on average for 4-5 hours each trip!


Needed a new battery for my tennis ball machine that uses a 12V 20Ah SLA Battery. distributor said it wasn’t necessary to replace the battery with their option, any similar batter would be fine. after some research, learned about lithium batteries. decided to give it a shot and bought the 12V 23Ah Lithium Battery.

a bit disappointed that the terminal screws for the old battery were not an exact fit to the new DL battery, but a couple of screw adapters and some new terminal screws solved that issue.

i’ve had the ball machine for a year and it takes a good amount of power depending on the settings used. lately, the SLA battery offers about 2 hours of time fully charged; last year it could do about 5 hours. but the new DL battery handled the ball machine’s power needs without a hiccup and then some. i used the machine recently with the DL battery for a total of 6 hrs at two different locations on the same day and it only used half of the battery’s available power!

hopefully, my game gets better from spending more time on the court!

Elizabeth C.

It provides the power i need.

Stephen Folds

super fast service

Anthony L.

Will be using for upcoming portable ham radio contest in the mountains

Paul Sasser

Awesome battery ! Powers my Garmin livescope without draining my starting battery on boat .Very strong battery to be only 6 lbs.


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