Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle Lithium

100% Recyclable
100% Cobalt Free
No Rare Earth Elements

How To Recycle Dakota Lithium Batteries

Here at Dakota Lithium we’re in business to help people and the planet.

As a company we think about the full life cycle of our products. Here’s how:

We start by building batteries that last a long, long time. Backed up by an 11 year warranty.

With a lifespan of 4-10x that of traditional batteries, our technology helps people reduce the number of batteries they buy in their lifetime.

Our lifetime support and service helps people learn how to enjoy the longest battery lifespan, and at when nearing the end of life how to repair and re-use their battery.

At end of life Dakota Lithium batteries are recycled by our recycling partners.

To recycle a lithium battery of any type we recommend to find a drop off location near you.

Dakota Lithium is 100% Cobalt Free

Here at Dakota Lithium we build our batteries without rare earth elements or conflict minerals using primarily Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and a few products with Lithium Titinate Oxide (LTO) technology. Dakota Lithium cells and batteries are built with metallic lithium sourced primarily from Australia, carbon repurposed from coal waste, and iron, aluminum, nickel and phosphate. No cobalt or rare earth elements.

Why is cobalt bad? Cobalt is used to make lithium batteries smaller and more energy dense and is found in many lithium batteries. Many of the smallest lithium batteries on the market today use Cobalt. But Cobalt is a rare earth element primarily found in the Republic of Congo in central Africa and as demand has grown for Cobalt the market price has gone up, up, up, contributing to conflict in the Congo. Money from Cobalt sales have fueled civil wars, terrorist activity, and war crimes. Dakota Lithium has removed cobalt from our batteries and our supply chain.

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