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FREE Shipping & 11 Year Battery Warranty

FREE Shipping & 11 Year Battery Warranty

Ice Fishing

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Best in Class 11 Year Warranty

Fish Longer. Go Further. Play Harder.

Here at Dakota Lithium we help power your passion from morning to night. Built for abuse during long North Dakota winters, Dakota Lithium is a battery designed to endure. To help you do what you love longer. A battery made to last. We’ve harnessed the power of lithium chemistry and combined it with North Dakota grit to build you a better battery.

All guaranteed by a world beating, best in class, eleven (11) year warranty.

Dakota Lithium batteries will give you twice the run time for your fish finder or ice fishing set up, while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value.  Plus Dakota Lithium’s signature LiFePO4 technology will perform at temperatures down to -40 F and weighs half as much as your dad’s SLA, providing superior performance for ice fishing and winter warriors.

Go Further. Fish Longer. Play Harder. No Matter the weather.

Experience the Dakota Lithium Difference

The DL 23 Ah battery is built with Dakota Lithium's legendary LiFePO4 cells. 2,000+ recharge cycles (roughly 5 year lifespan at daily use) vs. 500 for lead acid or AGM. Optimal performance down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (for winter warriors). Plus twice the power of lead-acid batteries at half the weight.

What Battery Do I Need for My Ice Fishing Fish Finder?

Dakota Lithium batteries are drop in replacements for sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. That means, if your fish finder uses a SLA or any 12V battery, you can replace it with a Dakota Lithium. You will get double the run time of lead acid by upgrading to Dakota Lithium.

For most fish finders we recommend a Dakota Lithium 10 amp hour (Ah) battery or a Powerbox 10:

  • Humminbird
  • Garmin
  • Lowrance
  • Marcum
  • Aqua-Vu
  • Vexilar

For these big power-hungry (and feature rich) models we recommend the Dakota Lithium 18 amp hour (Ah) battery, the Dakota Lithium 23 amp hour (Ah) battery, the Dakota Lithium 23 Ah battery with USB & voltmeter or the Powerbox 60:

For the ultimate in ice fishing power, versatility, and cost per use, our pro staff recommend the Powerbox 60. Built Dakota tough with a DL+ 12V 60Ah 1,000 CCA dual purpose battery inside a waterproof, submersible, mil spec plastic case, the Powerbox 60 provides reliable energy for multiple days on the ice with the added ability to jump start a car, truck, or boat if needed or run 120V AC electronics (it has 2 AC wall plugs like those in your home). The versatility provides lasting value and a low cost per use, with the ability to power your ice rig in the winter and your trailer, campsite, trolling motor, or fishing electronics in the summer. Plus, it is so light it floats and waterproof even when held underwater, making it a perfect power source for marine applications and extreme weather conditions.

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