Dakota Lithium Batteries Deployed in the Arctic Circle

The best batteries for cold weather are Dakota Lithium

Dakota Lithium batteries deployed in Alaska by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

This summer the US Army Corps of Engineers installed Dakota Lithium batteries in sensor equipment across Northern Alaska. The reason why? They last so long and keep working even during the cold arctic winters, making DL an ideal choice for use in rugged and remote environments.

We’re very proud to be working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on this harsh environment field study. Basically, they’ve chosen us to replace their lead acid units in this situation because of the legendary price-quality-service mix offered by the Dakota Lithium team. Not only do the Dakota units function very well in cold and extreme environments, but our R&D staff is able to bridge the gap from the battery over to field equipment and research projects, like this remote system, deployed by many of our clients and share key insights and data about how the battery can be optimized as a part of a client’s wider design.”  — Michael Shope, Chief Technology Officer, Dakota Lithium

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Solar powered sensor equipment powered by cold weather batteries Dakota Lithium

Solar powered sensor equipment in northern Alaska, north of the Arctic circle. Batteries are deployed in sensors across the region.

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