DL Ambassador Colby Elliot #VanLife

Colby Elliot, was born in the rural Northern California town of Chester. He started racing bikes when he was 10 years old and never looked back. Cycling carried him all over the US and to Europe. Done with his career at 22, and tired of the sport mentally and physically, it was time for a change.

Colby then attended Feather River College to pursue outdoor recreation, in doing this he was able to travel the world once again for Kayaking, and Ski Guiding. Paying rent to a house in the summer of 2018 of which he was actually present for only 6 days, was the catalyst to his migration to van living. Colby has now lived in a van for 2 years, owns a production company and has created films for many high end productions around the world.

His power consumption in the van has to keep up with his lifestyle and timing needs, there are very few battery systems that are able to keep up. Dakota Lithium is that system. Outfitted with 2 12V 100Ah batteries, Colby has all the power he needs for work and play.

Follow the adventures and see more of his work at: pupnsudsproductions.com


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