Forbes Featuring Article “Why You Don’t Need A Lazy Girl Job To Achieve Work-Life Balance”


“Take Valerie Erlenbausch, for example, who traded her life as a Corpsman in the U.S. military to fully embrace a nomadic lifestyle. She found the perfect remote role with Dakota Lithium in her role as Event Marketing. Dakota Lithium converted a company-branded van with 680ah of lithium batteries and a full off-grid setup, including Starlink, which allows Valerie to spend up to three weeks off-grid, without the need to plug in. Her job? To travel between expos, showcasing her van, her lifestyle and the brand. Valerie’s story reflects on the lazy girl job lifestyle, not for being lazy, but for redefining work on her own terms—in Valerie’s case, being employed while traveling around North America.”


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Why You Don’t Need A ‘Lazy Girl Job’ To Achieve Work-Life Balance

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