Shop Dakota Lithium 12V 200Ah LIFEPO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Description and Application: Dakota Lithium built their biggest and most energy dense battery with the 200 Ah deep cycle. It’s capable of powering wheelhouses on the ice or RV at the campsite for extended periods of time. Built out of lithium iron phosphate, (LiFePo4) technology to provide an outstanding lifecycle. This battery will outlast typical lead acid batteries by more than five times, plus they are capable of receiving 3,000 charging cycles. To top it all off, the battery comes standard with an amazing 11-year warranty, providing years of reliability and confidence.

Staff Perspective: The lithium battery craze is here to stay. No, they aren’t cheap, but it’s hard to put a price tag on reliability and lifespan. As today’s fishing boats and electronics become more technologically advanced, so must the power. And lithiums provide extended power when it’s critical to stay on biting fish. Don’t skimp on your power, that’s a mistake I’ve made several times and over again.


May 10, 2021 By Thomas Allen

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