Andrew Augustine Jay, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Jay CEO of Dakota Lithium Batteries

Chief Executive Officer, Dakota Lithium

Lead business strategy officer, chief marketing officer, chief people officer, and head of of the company.

Previously Chief Executive Officer for Tiny Trees Preschool.
Previous National Director for YMCA Outdoor Leadership Programs.
Former mountain climbing, sea kayaking, and canoe guide in Alaska, Canadian Arctic, South Africa & American West.

“Here at Dakota Lithium I have the opportunity to change how our community uses energy. The future of electric cars and practical renewable energy is here and for every innovation there is a battery behind it. I joined the company to help tell the human story behind the energy revolution, to help power your passions, and to help build the sustainable future our children deserve.”

A seasoned CEO with 20 years of executive experience Andrew helps great organizations grow and thrive through human centered story telling, strategic thinking, and sound financial management. Prior to joining Dakota Lithium Andrew was the founding CEO of Tiny Trees Preschool where he increased revenue 30X in 3 years and established the company as the largest outdoor preschool in North America with 9 schools across the country. Previously, he led the YMCA outdoor leadership program B.O.L.D. where he built a small Seattle based program serving 30 kids a year into a national organization helping 6,000 young people a year develop leadership & life skills on wilderness expeditions in 8 states.

He joined Dakota Lithium in 2018 where he increased revenue 20X in his first 4 years.

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