Side by Side Comparison: Dakota Lithium vs SLA Run-Time Comparison in Fishing Camera by Missouri Secrets Tackle

Let the performance of the lithium (LiFePO4) battery speak for itself.

Thank you to Missouri Secrets Tackle for recording a side by side run-time comparison between Dakota Lithium and SLA batteries. An extended discharge rate is one of the most notable differences between lithium and SLA batteries. Used in sonars, fish finders, and cameras, we’ve had ice and kayak anglers go days (sometimes weeks) without charging their Dakota Lithium battery. Once you upgrade you will never want to use an SLA battery again. So, how does a Dakota Lithium battery match up against a used SLA battery and a brand new SLA battery in a high energy draw Aqua-Vu fishing camera? See for yourself!

Why do lithium batteries last so long?

SLA batteries only use between 40%-80% of their capacity. The lead-acid battery prevents itself from discharging anymore than that to prevent any damage to the battery. On the other hand, our lithium batteries are able to use 100% of their capacity without any damage to the battery. This is one reason why lithium batteries typically last more than twice as long as an SLA battery. We like to say that lithium batteries deliver a “true 10Ah.” Although the capacity ratings of these batteries are the same, only lithium reaches a full discharge capability. Spend more time using your electronics outdoors, and less time waiting for them to charge.

Not only that…

There is another resilient feature to these batteries that is not shown in this video. The amount of capacity lithium has extends beyond a long day of fishing. Lithium batteries contain 2,000 charge cycles while lead-acid batteries average at about 400 charge cycles.  In other words, you won’t need to replace this battery nearly as often. You can rely on a Dakota Lithium to last the day and it will keep delivering extended power for years to come.



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