Meet Casey Reed – Kayak Fishing Pro Staff

Casey Reed – Team Dakota Lithium – Kayak Fishing

Hometown: Goode, Virginia

Casey Reed grew up in Bedford County, Virginia. He began kayak fishing is 2012 and it quickly became his passion. Soon after, the competitive side of kayak fishing grabbed his attention. After he discovered Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF), a national kayak fishing trail, Casey started fishing any event with a venue in the mid-Atlantic states. At the same time, Casey started his own traveling tournament trail, the Virginia Kayak Bass Challenge, aiming to expand the availability of tournament competition to new and experienced kayak anglers.

Sport of choice in the winter? Summer?

Fishing all year round. Bass during the tournament season, and freshwater striper after season ends.

What circuits do you compete in?

KBF mainly

and we’ll see what BASS Nation is all about in 2020

Wins, Accomplishments, and Big Moments

1st place KBF Trail Lake Anna, VA

1st place KBF Pro Series Lake Anna, VA

1st place KBF Pro Series Upper Chesapeake, MD

1st place KBF Regional Championship Lake Erie, PA

3rd place KBF Pro Series Santee Cooper, SC

3rd place KBF Pro Series East/West Harbour, OH

How did you start in your sport? (What’s your origin story?)

I started fishing when I was very young, catching creek chub in a little creek behind the house. I soon graduated to fishing local ponds, and fell in love fishing for big bass. I finally got off the bank, and got my first kayak and have been tournament fishing ever since.

What is your favorite Dakota Lithium Product & WHY?

I run my Humminbird Helix 10 MEGA SI using my Dakota lithium 50 a/h. That big screen paired with MEGA imaging sucks up a lot of juice, and my Dakota Lithium powers it for days and still light enough to carry in the front hatch of my kayak.

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