Meet Daniel Morris – Kayak Fishing Pro Staff

Daniel Morris – Team Dakota Lithium – Kayak Fishing

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

I’m actually an S&OP+ Expert, Project Management, Product Development, Marketing & Sales Consultant with startup to Fortune 50 experience. I’m still learning to fish, but my value in the Industry has been in helping connect people, building outside sales capabilities and providing a sounding-board with fresh eyes to the Industry. I’m also a science/tech geek with some exposure to some of the newest nano-tech in Europe.

Sport of choice in the winter? Summer?

Winter: Saltwater Fishing! Summer: Kayak Bass Fishing! Can I include Fantasy Football as a Sport?

What circuits do you compete in?





Wins, Accomplishments, and Big Moments

Held a world record for a Cubera Snapper from a kayak, I believe it has been beat…lol. Took me 45 minutes to land in the Sea of Cortez.

How did you start in your sport? (What’s your origin story?)

I grew up fishing for crappie with my Dad & an Uncle, Chet Morgan, that guided on Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake in MO. I got into Saltwater Kayak Fishing with Jim Sammons about 12 years ago when I thought I was moving to San Diego, ff-5 years and I’m fishing with Jim and he asks if I had been fishing with Chad Hoover yet? My answer was “Why?” lol. Well, Chad had just moved to Nashville where I had been for a few years…Jim introduced us, I had a free weekend went up to fish Luther’s annual tournament and move the rest of Chad’s belongings to Nashville…just hit it off as friends with everyone I met, especially Chad & Joe. Thus started my education and involvement with the Kayak Bass Fishing Industry and my involvement with Hook1, KBF, Confluence & KBFTN.

What is your favorite Dakota Lithium Product & WHY?

The 12V10Ah for my electronics.

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