Meet David Brooke – Kayak Fishing Pro Staff

David Brooke – Team Dakota Lithium – Kayak Fishing

Hometown: Gardner, Illinois

Kayak Bass Angler that travels the Midwest for tournaments and chasing my dreams of catching big bass.

Sport of choice in the winter? Summer?

In the Spring, Summer and Fall I kayak fish until the water freezes. IN the winter I usually only have about 6 weeks of down time before my tournament season starts again, I usually spend that preparing for the next season and working/visiting outdoors expos.

What circuits do you compete in?

Ketch-Photo_Release (Co-founder and director)

Kayak Bass Fishing

Kayak Bass League

Starting 2020 BASS Nation Kayak Series

Wins, Accomplishments, and Big Moments

KBF Trail Series E/W Harbors 3rd Place 2018,19 and 20

KBF National Championship Qualifier 2019

KBL Big Bass of The Year TourneyX


-100 tournaments

-15 1st Place

-7 2nd Place

-8 3rd Place

-63 Top Ten Finishes

How did you start in your sport? (What’s your origin story?)

I actually started kayak fishing on a whim. I’ve been a long time boat angler but was looking for something different. I fished my first online event and won it with 3 bass totaling over 60″ and was hooked from there.

What is your favorite Dakota Lithium Product & WHY?

I have to say the 170ah is a BEAST of a battery. I have run up to almost 20 miles on a trip and never even worried about running out of power.

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