Meet Justin Land – Kayak Fishing Pro Staff

Justin Land – Team Dakota Lithium – Kayak Fishing

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

I’m married and a dad of 5. I’m a fire apparatus mechanic as my full time job. I’ve been fishing all my life thanks to my dad RIP. Now kayak fishing is something I enjoy so much.

Sport of choice in the winter? Summer?

I love any kind of fishing in the summer.

What circuits do you compete in?

Local tournaments and charities

Wins, Accomplishments, and Big Moments

Unfortunately non yet still pretty new

How did you start in your sport? (What’s your origin story?)

Got my first kayak as a birthday gift 3 years ago. Started doing some research and wanted to go a little bigger and better than a pelican catch. And it’s been non stop after that. I also have the support of my wife which is kinda rare but she is a awesome partner.

What is your favorite Dakota Lithium Product & WHY?

I love the 10Ah batteries and hoping to get a 100Ah to run my whole kayak one day.

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