What Trolling Motor Battery Do You Recommend?

What Trolling Motor Battery Do You Recommend?

Dakota Lithium is a proud sponsor of over 40+ professional athletes in the fishing industry. From kayak fishing to pro bass tournament boats, we have the battery for you. Here’s what our pros have learned:

For 12V trolling motors the capacity of your battery must be larger then the lbs of thrust of your motor. A simple way to think about: use a battery with an Ah (Amp Hour) number that is larger then your lbs of thrust. For example, a small motor with 20 lbs of thrust to be used on a kayak requires a battery with 20 Ah of capacity or greater. The more lbs of thrust the larger the battery needed.

For 24V and 36v trolling motors our pros recommend connecting multiple batteries in series. This provides more run time that a single 36V battery, and is also easy to charge (each single battery weighs less and is easier to carry for charging). For example, Pro Bass Fishing champion Brock Mosley uses 3 of our Dakota Lithium batteries in his tournament boat to power a 36v system. The result is 17 hours of run time, up from 4 hours with his old lead acid batteries. To make wiring 24v and 36v systems easier we recommend Connect Ease. They may simple, and easy to use battery wiring solutions (and are a proud South Dakota company).


Motor Thrust Max Amp Draw @ Voltage Recommended Battery
20 lb. 20 @ 12V Vortex 20DL 23, or Powerbox 40

Vortex 20DL 23, or Powerbox 40

25 lb. 25 @ 12V
30 lb. 30 @ 12V DL 54, Vortex 50DL 46
45 lb. 42 @ 12V DL 54, Vortex 50DL 46 or DL 100
55 lb. 50 @ 12V DL 54, Vortex 50, or DL 46 or DL 100
70 lb. 42 @ 24V DL 54 x 2 or DL 100 x 2
80 lb. 56 @ 24V DL 100 x 2 or DL 170 x 2
101 lb. 46 @ 36V DL 54 x 3 or DL 100 x 3 or DL 170 x 3
112 lb. 52 @ 36V DL 54 x 3 or DL 100 x 3 or DL 170 x 3


P.S. > A tip from the pros: use a solar panel to extend your run time. For example, our folding solar panel will increase the run time of the DL 23Ah battery by +120% over a 10 hour fishing day.

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