11 Year Warranty
  • Dakota Lithium PS2400 Portable Power Station & Solar Generator
The Ultimate Power Outage Protection

Dakota Lithium PS2400 Portable Power Station & Solar Generator

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  • 11 Year Warranty
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Dakota Lithium PS2400 Portable Power Station & Solar Generator



A portable power station designed to meet all your power needs — anytime, anywhere. The PS2400 is perfect for powering multiple appliances, electronics, and more, whether you’re off-grid camping, at a mobile jobsite, or caught in a power outage.

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Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
For larger quantities contact sales@dakotalithium.com
Twice the Power
of Traditional Batteries
Half the Weight
Charges 5X Faster
Lasts 4X as long
Greatest Lifetime Value


11 year warranty

Industry leading, best in class 11 year warranty.

Rated Capacity


Battery Included

Powered by a built in Dakota Lithium LifePO4 battery.

Built in Charger

Removable Charging Cable

1 - High Power 30A AC Socket

Output Voltage: 110V/60Hz
1 - 30A NEMA L5-30 outlet.
This is the same power as your washer/dryer and stove at home. Power any appliance or power tool that requires high power.

3 - 20A AC Wall Outlets

Output Voltage: 110V/60Hz
3 - 20A wall outlets.
This is the same power as your wall socket at home. Power any appliance or power tool that will work in your home's standard wall socket.

Rated AC Power Output

2400 Watts (4800W Peak)
Enough power to operate large household appliances like refrigerators, freezers, or power tools.

Storage Temp.

-20° to 45°C

Operating Temp.

0° to 40°C

Charging Temp.

0° to 40°C

AC Charge Input Voltage

AC 100-130V

AC Charge Input Power

AC 1500 Watts

Solar Charge Rated Voltage

800W Max. Built in solar charge controller allows for rapid & safe solar charging. Connect to a folding solar panel to create a solar generator. Charges in 8 - 12 hour with one panel. Charges in 2 - 3 hours with 4 panels.

Car Charger DC Rated Voltage

192W Max. Charge while travelling using your car's cig lighter socket.

Ability to Connect 2-In-Parallel

Link two units for double the battery capacity (4120Wh)

UPS Switching Time

Seamless power backup for critical equipment like medical devices, computers, and CPAP machines.

Car Light Socket Output


2 - DC Output


2 - USB-A Output

18W Max

2 - USB-C Output

5V/9V/12V/15V,3A; 20V/5A
100W Max

Wireless Charger

Compatible with wireless charging phones.

LED Light

5 Watt


55 Lbs (~26kg)


16.9"L x 11.8"W x 11"H (430mm x 300mm x 280mm)


UL 2743, UN 38.3, FCC, CE Certified.

Quality Control

Dakota Lithium is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company to ensure exceptional product quality and reliability.

Suitable for:

  • Powertools
  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • TV's
  • CPAP Machines
  • GoPro's
  • Floodlights
  • Mini-Fridges
  • Deep Freezers
  • Household Fridge s
  • Drones
  • Switch Gaming Systems
  • Cameras


What Can My Battery Power?

– Laptops (41.4Wh) – Around 44 Recharges

– 32″ TV (60W) – Around 30 Hours

– CPAP without Heated Humidifier (15W) – Around 123 Hours

– GoPro (5.9Wh) – Around 314 Recharges

– Floodlight (5W) – Around 370 Hours

– Powertools – Around 20 Recharges

– Mini Fridge (40W) – Around 46 Hours

– Deep Freezer – Around 6 Hours

– Household Refrigerator – Around 15 Hours

– DJI Drone (89.2Wh) – Around 20 Recharges

– Smartphone (10Wh) – Around 185 Recharges

– Nintendo Switch (16Wh) – Around 115 Recharges







Experience the Dakota Lithium Difference

Powered by a Dakota Lithium battery, the PS2400 is built with Dakota tough, with twice the power and five times the reliability and lifespan of traditional batteries. Backed up by a best in class 11 year warranty. Be prepared for emergencies. Be ready for adventure.


For more information or larger quantity inquiries, visit our B2B page or please call our sales team at 1-855-743-3279.

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