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FREE Shipping & 11 Year Battery Warranty

  • Dakota Lithium Vortex 12v 20Ah Battery

Dakota Lithium Vortex 12v 20Ah Battery

(10 reviews)
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Dakota Lithium Vortex 12v 20Ah Battery

(10 customer reviews)



Built for rugged and wet conditions where you need dependable power. Perfect for 12 volt trolling motors, off-grid music systems, or any 12 volt electronics where you need hours of power.

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Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
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Twice the Power of Traditional Batteries
Half the Weight
Charges 5 X Faster
Lasts 4 X as long
Safe & Reliable


Universal Terminals

SAE/Auto connectors + ring crimp terminals provide a wide range of connection possibilities. USB Voltage reader add-on gives you the option to charge personal electronics while still using the ring terminals for motors, fish finders, etc.

Water Resistance

Great for wet environments, but not submersible. Waterproof neoprene cover provides padding & extra protection.

Charger Included

Free 3A charger included with purchase.

Voltage and Capacity

12v 20Ah 240Wh

Size & Weight

4"x5.5"x7" inches. 6lbs (2.72Kg)


Up to 80% capacity for 2,000 cycles in recommended conditions. (Typical SLA has 400 cycles)


20 A max continuous, 50 A max 300 mS pulse. 9.0 V max discharge, 11.0 V max recommended discharge. For longest lifetime recommended discharge rate 1-5 Amps


10 A max, 15 V max recommended, 15 V max. Please use the LiFePO4 compatible charger that is included with this battery. A SLA charger may work, but will reduce performance and lifespan of the battery.

Operating temperature

Much better than SLA or other lithium’s, -20'F min, +120'F max recommended environmental operating temps

Safe & Reliable

Includes active BMS protection circuit that handles cell balancing, low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection and temperature protection for increased performance and longer life


Charge two separate USB devices AND run your high-power load (motor, other) at the same time. Monitor battery charge level in real time.

Suitable for:

  • Trolling motors
  • 12 volt electronics
  • Boating & Fishing electronics
  • Wet environments
  • Off grid speakers & music
  • Kayak fishing
  • Emergency power
  • Ultra safe battery applications (This battery has 100% no fire risk)
10 reviews for Dakota Lithium Vortex 12v 20Ah Battery
Andrew Campbell

Love this battery, perfect for my modified Hobie 16 sailboat, light and powerful!!

Thomas Meek

Simply amazing battery

Marvin Baylor

you need to include charging instructions for this product

    Andrew Jay

    Hi Marvin,

    Thank you for the feedback. This is helpful. We will make sure to include charging instructions for future orders. If you need help please give our support team a call anytime at 1 800 805 9053 x 2. Thank you!

Jessica Perkins

Works great powering a hummingbird helix 9 msi fish finder on a kayak

ronald m.

Great battery’s

John Margicin

I installed a new lowrance elite ti9 on the bow of my boat. Having a hard time running power cables from rear battery I came accross the Dakota batteries to power unit. Best choice!

Kegan Pankratz

This is an amazing battery setup. I currently run a Lowrance Elite TI 9 in fish finder. I have yet to hit the end of the batter and I was able to pre-fish (5hrs) and tournament fish (~8hrs) and post fish(5hrs) on one charge. Thanks for supporting OKBF and KNFW kayak tournament groups.


I have brought in 127 dakota lithiums for fisherman here in Canada. Everyone has been extremely happy with them. Only had one charger go bad, which was quickly replaced. Great customer service.


Ordered the Vortex 20 for my kayak to power my fish finder. Absolutely love it!!! Charged it up and powered my electronics all day long. Would highly recommend it!!


For more information or larger quantity inquiries, visit our B2B page or please call our sales team at 1-855-743-3279.

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