Charges a 10Ah Battery in 3 hrs!
  • Folding Fast-Charge 12V Solar Panel
Charges Your 12v Battery On The Go

Folding Fast-Charge 12V Solar Panel

(21 reviews)
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Folding Fast-Charge 12V Solar Panel

(21 customer reviews)



This ultralight and powerful 12 V solar panel gives you the freedom to re-charge any DL battery on the go. In full sun it will charge a Powerbox 10 in 4 hours, or a 7Ah battery in just 2.5 hours!

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Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
Need tons of power? Bulk pricing discount
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Twice the Power of Traditional Batteries
Half the Weight
Charges 5 X Faster
Lasts 8 X as long
Safe & Reliable



50 Watts, Maximum Power Current is 2.8 Amps

How Long to Charge My Battery?

Divide the Ah (capacity) of your battery by 2.8 to determine how many hours to charge your battery. For example, a Powerbox 10 has 10 amps, divide by 2.8 = 3.5 hours. Connect two solar panels to double the charging speed.

Size Folded

11 in. x 16 in. x 1.0 inches folded. Small enough to fit in a pack. Big enough to fully charge your battery.

Size Unfolded

33 in. x 16 in. x 1.0 (While in Use)

Compatibility & Connection

Charges any 12v Dakota Lithium battery with universal alligator clips. Clips stow away in a zippered pocket when not in use.

Rugged Design

Waterproof, Weatherproof, Shatterproof. All protected by a military spec nylon case.


2 lbs 13 oz

Maximum Power Voltage

18 Volts

Solar Cell Type

Monocrystalline (a very flexible, lightweight, and durable solar cell)

Stand Included

Legs fold out to optimize the angle to the sun.

Suitable for:

  • Charging 12v Batteries on the Go
  • Charge Your Powerbox While Off Grid
  • Camping, Hiking, Boating
21 reviews for Folding Fast-Charge 12V Solar Panel
Fred Meier

This is my very first foray into anything solar. In my application, which is portable ham radio, I need a way to keep my batteries topped when away from the grid.
After reading the info on the website and asking way too many questions (all of which were promptly responded to) I decided to try the 50W folding solar panel.
When the box arrived I was dismayed at its size. I guess Dakota have heard about the perils of common carriers- the package was almost three times as large as the panel which contributed to its safe arrival.
What is amazing is that the panel captures energy, in late afternoon, in early January, inside my family room, through the twin seal glass unit with louvers between the glass panels.
I think this will work.

Jon R.

I plan to use it alot!!

Richard Gunnerson

Compact well so far

kurt W.

Worked as expected

Scott P.

I love the compact design and simplicity of it. I charged a 12 volt 7 amp battery in a couple hours just as it says. It was a cloudy day too. I bought the solar panel for a yearly fishing trip that is totally off grid. I have a 7 amp battery for my fishfinder and a 10 amp battery in a self made power pack that has lights and chargers. The batteries work great and are sooo light. I have recommended them to all of my friends.

John C.

One word unlimited power!!!!

James Reinhardt

Very impressed with this product!


Haven’t installed it yet but excited to have it charging the box.

Scott Hardesty

Love it works very with my go box for amateur radio along with the Dakota lithium 12v 10ah battery.


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